Joan Kennedy speaking at Edina Library

Smart Women Don’t Age!

“She was and is awesome–really an inspiration.” Beth P.

“Joan Kennedy was extraordinary today. Talking about how to age well. If you know of any group who would welcome a speaker who is impactful, funny and engaging, hear Joan.” Jill J.

“It was powerful.” Louise G.

“Compelling.” Don W.

“What a joy to hear Joan Kennedy — so inspiring to live in the present moment.” JoAnne F.

“Was inspired this morning by my friend, Joan Kennedy, a fellow speaker who is 93 and still ‘on the circuit.’ This is my favorite line from her program, that’s been stuck in my head all day: You will never leave you.” Kristen B.

“What a powerful statement. Joan is so wise.” Kate P.Joan's talk: Smart Women Don't Age is not only inspiring, it's funny too!

“She is the best.” Jill J.

“I loved her message. So glad I went. She is awesome.” Judy G.

“What a wonderful morning with Joan, pouring life into so many wonderful people, her gift of wisdom, drive, and dedication to healthy positive living is a blessing to many. Thank you Joan for sharing your gifts and reminding us to stay young.” Annie M.


“Thank you for your marvelous talk to our 550 older adults.  The evaluations were overwhelming positive!  They liked your style and content.”
University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire

Dear Joan,

“I can’t thank you enough for taking Tuesday afternoon to spend at Knollwood Place Apartments sharing your inspirational stories and insight.  You are an amazing person.  I must be honest, I could have listened to you for hours.  I truly believe that you could take your show on the road as a “standup comedian”.  I think the content of your presentation was wonderful and extremely meaningful, but your delivery was hilarious.”

Susie Held
Community Liaison, Sales and Marketing
Sholom Community

“This seminar really helped me with the acceptance of aging and the positive attitude needed within yourself and those around you.  Joan is amazing!  Very informative and funny!”
3M Corporation


“Joan inspired me – Bravo!  You were outstanding!  Seldom have I seen a keynote speaker keep such a large and diverse audience spellbound.  You obviously connected with everyone in that room.”
The Annual Governor’s Conference on Aging

“Joan inspired me to change some major parts of my life.  Great speaker.”
Hutchinson Area Health Care