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Joan Kennedy, Minneapolis Speaker on Aging

You’re as young as you feel is the message 95-year-old Joan Kennedy shares with her audiences. Recognized as one of the oldest female motivational speakers in the United States, Joan has been a speaker for over forty years and continues to inspire and motivate audiences with her humor and wit on topics about aging.

Joan often shares her own story as a stay at home mom until entering the workforce at age 45. She had discovered a career as a fashion coordinator and one day was asked to speak to a group of students in the fashion industry. Suddenly she was asked to speak more and more. Her topics grew from fashion to self-image, confidence, and goal-setting.

At 50, she became a motivational speaker and published her first book at age 56, I Don’t Want Much from Life, I Want More!

As life happens, sometimes we get hit by some challenging curve balls and Joan’s life was no exception. At 65, she endured the loss of her home from a fire. Losing all her professional and personal belongings she thought she would never be able to start again, not at 65.

One day, in a monthly magazine published by AARP, she came across a statistic that changed the way she perceived herself. The statistic was, “The fastest growing age group, are people in their 80’s.”

That fact inspired Joan to re-build her business and start again. It also changed her thinking to more positively proclaim, “I’m only 65.” One of Joan’s powerful messages today is not to let the calendar dictate when you are old and worrying about age is a waste of time.

Today, Joan is committed to empowering others and believes that we have more control over our own aging than we did in the past.

She has authored 5 books and just published (2018) her latest book titled “Now or Never, The Choice is Yours” at age 95.

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