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If you seek to provide a lively, fun and insightful program for upcoming meetings, conferences or conventions you may be planning, the topic, “Staying in the Game of Life”, has been Joan’s focus for the past 18 years.

Joan Kennedy was 65, when she lost everything in a house fire. Overnight, 15 years of work was destroyed — copies of a book she had written, all her speaking and promotional material, all of her files and contact information. As far as Joan was concerned, her speaking business was over.  She knew she could never start again, not at 65….She was mistaken!

In a magazine article, published by AARP, she came across a statistic that changed the way she perceived herself.  It said, “The fastest growing age group are people in their 80’s.”

Joan realized that she could not waste another moment lamenting her age.  She proceeded to rebuild her business and start over again.

Joan encourages others to not let the calendar dictate when you are old.

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